Cottontail/Flower Market Box

This small toolbox is painted a sage green with stained edges. This box is 2 sided, so can be used for 2 seasons/holidays. It has Cottontail Farms with bunny and chocolate treats on one side. Great to fill with carrots for Easter. The other side has Farm Market, with light blue truck on the side with flowers in the back. Message at bottom, fresh flowers daily. Carrots or Flowers not included. Measures 12" x 5" x 12".

$ 29.99 USD
$ 29.99 USD
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In designing Circa, the Studio designers wanted to create a product that was revolutionary yet familiar. They not only created a new lamp, but also a new archetype for indoor lighting – one that blurs the boundary between the utilitarian work lamp and traditional shaded lamp.

Unique Style
You'll never turn the lights off again!

Looking for a way to make your outdoor and indoor spaces shine this summer? From ceilings draped in LED lights to shimmering outdoor patios, here are eight illuminating ways to dress up your home with lighting.

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The Fall collection you'll fall in love with.

Lighting does not just illuminate your home. It actually creates an ambiance and functions like any other piece of decor. Simply put, the fixture you choose can make or break your space.

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